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Put Guy Bavli in the spotlight as your keynote speaker and let him inspire your guests with his insights on the empowering potential of the human mind. With entertaining wit, heartfelt emotion and mentalist amazement, Guy paints an inspiring picture of the way life can be for us if we only know where to put our attention and focus. Guy does not claim to have any super natural powers, yet some media claims he does. Guy claim that we all harness the special human power in our own mind, and he shows how we can unleash and use it to our advantage! In a heartfelt way, Guy tells about his childhood story, how he turned into mind magic to overcome his obesity and how that evolved into his studies of the human mind, which have brought him to be one of the world’s top in his field. He’ll show your guests simple mind exercises, brain games, mind magic and practices that can make a difference in understanding how we think and act. Drawing on personal experience, he’ll share discoveries that can help your guests excel in sales, life and everyday tasks. Inspiring, funny, and mind boggling combined with pictures, videos and interactive demonstrations.
The themes he ties in include,

  • The Secrets of the Mind – How we can use our own mind to reach our goals.
  • The Power of Hypnosis – The understanding and use of our subconscious mind in every day life and business.
  • Smile for a Change – Based on Guy’s new book, Guy explains how the world’s most favorite expression, can affect our life.
Barry M. McComb
Director of Entertainment / Caesars World Entertainment

Caesars World Entertainment. Las Vegas, NV (USA)

" “I saw Mr. Bavli perform and was immediately impressed by his extraordinary skills. Recognizing his unique talent, I booked him for what would be the first of many appearances at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas. Caesars caters to an international customer base that expects to see the world’s top ntertainment…. Guy exceeded our expectations and never failed to amaze our audience with his very original appearances.” "

Sharon Munroe
Vice President / Metropolitan Health Networks, Inc.

Metropolitan Health Networks, Inc.

" “Even one week after the party everyone is still singing me praises “for having you at the party”. They are still impressed by your performance. Next year is looking good already!” "

Deane Leon
President / Speakers Corner Entertainment – Germany

Speakers Corner Entertainment – Germany

" As far as our agency is concerned, Guy Bavli is the best performing artist in his field of Mind reading magic and we are totally impressed with his talent.” "

Dale R Hindman
President / The Academy of Magical Arts, INC.

The Academy of Magical Arts, INC.

" “Guy, We truly are thankful, for providing the highest quality of entertainment for our members and guests, you were sensational.” "

C. Teige
Captain / Voyager of the Seas RCI.

Captain Voyager of the Seas RCI.

" Dear Guy, Thank you very much for the GREATEST & BEST show I have seen on my ships and in my life. "

Kim D. Whittemore
Bay Management Corp.

Bay Management Corp, FL.

" “Dear Guy…On behalf of Bay Management Staff, I would like to cordially thank you for a magnificent performance…you were the highlight of our event. This year..was by far the best…Your talent was perfect way to enhance the evening…We are still laughing about that great husband and wife bit!!! Your Mind abilities are definitely something to see!..see more of you in the future." "

Sushil Shamlal Wadhwa
Founder & CMD / Platinum World Group

Platinum World Group

" “Guy Bavli is truly a Master of the Mind!! His performance at our client event at Vietnam was literally electrifying and heart stopping!!! His sense of humor is outstanding and our clients really enjoyed his performance. I would love to work with him again soon” "